Why are we called 'PONR?'

Got you there! If you read those letters incorrectly!

PONR stands for "point of no return"—the boundary beyond which there is no turning back. We make sure that our high-quality fabric will give you a
contemporary look that focuses on you advancing forward in comfort and confidence.

Follow your heart, and progress with absolute gracefulness as
PONR undertakes full responsibility of your wardrobe.

Background Story.

A lifestyle brand launched online by creative professionals in 2019. Although corporate world has captivated our age but we are still young and fresh inside which reflects on the designs you'll find here. With this notion we crafted PONR.

Whether we have unexpected plans at work or a date, the sole thought that clouds our minds as we step out of our house is "what to dress today?”. Hence, we have crafted premium garments that will govern your closet with elegance and sophistication as well as fit any occasion.

We present you apparels that coordinate perfectly with each other, saving you time by not having to surf and seek elsewhere. Our wide selection will embrace your personality in the style you desire while also enriching your profession.

You could therefore consider PONR as your lifestyle saviour!